Pastor Craig
June 2017
July 2017

"Do What You Can!"

At the beginning of every movie that is broadcast on television is the statement "Formatted to Fit Your Screen". We see it so much that we don't even think about it. Sometimes we fast forward so that we do not have to see and get to the heart of the movie. I was listening to a comic who pointed out the fact that if it was not formatted to fit, we would see just see the actor's eyeball or left fingernail compared to the huge image that we saw on the "Big Screen" at the theatre.

In our lives, sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the "big picture" problems or situations of the world that we feel powerless and become discouraged. There is told the familiar story of the little boy at the beach who noticed that the beach was covered with starfish. If they could not get into the water they would die, so he began to throw them back in one by one. As there were hundreds of starfish, the statement was made to the boy, "What difference does it make there are so many." The boy's response, "It makes a difference to that one."

As you read the scripture, Jesus never lost sight of the individual. It was almost like he woke up each morning and wondered who he was going to help today. Think about it. The woman at the well, the father with the sick child, Zacchaeus up in a tree, the woman who touched his robe and he stopped everyone to find out who touched him, the children, the man hanging next to him on the cross, the list could go on and on. Jesus never lost sight of someone in need that he could reach out and help.

Do what you can today to make your world a better place. It doesn't have to be solving the major problems of the world, and who knows maybe that word or act of kindness can change someone's life who in turn changes some else's and so on and so on. Thereby, yes, changing the world. Think of those in your own life that by a word or phrase effected who you are and came to be. Was it a teacher, a neighbor, a pastor, a co-worker, a classmate, or even your parents who encouraged or said something that inspired you.

Remember Jesus started with a couple of guys and look what happened. Don't get so lost in the "Big Picture" that you lose the power that God gave you in the format of two hands, two legs, one brain and a big heart. For each of us has the ability to do something for we are all children of God.

In Christ, Pr Craig

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