Pastor Craig
September 2017

"Books, Books, and More Books"


Welcome to September and sticker shock. I remember that first time walking into the college bookstore with my list of books for the classes that I would soon be attending. Remembering that this was the dark ages, I could not believe that I was spending over $150.00 for books that I probably would not use again. These days it is not uncommon for college kids to spend over $300 for just one book. At least at seminary, I felt that I could possibly be using these books at some point.


The process of reading books to gain information is still one of the great joys of an educated society. Is it an endangered practice? When one can just type in a few words on the internet and get "facts" or "figures" like an encyclopedia. We have tried over the years to make books more accessible. Remember, audio cassette books that we could listen to in the car. My brother, because of his sight at a very early age received books on records. Lately, we have been able to download to our electronic I-Pad complete books which I know that some of you do regularly.


I have to admit I spend quite a bit of time at Bookmans. I look for those books that I remember reading as a child or even a young adult. About 15 years ago, I asked my daughter what she wanted for her birthday. She has always had a love of reading thanks to her 3rd grade teacher and being surrounded by books. She said that she would like to have a good library of books. Over the years, I have found those 1st editions and at times autographed books that I was able to give her. (Thanks to Bookmans) Since becoming a mom, she has not been able to read as much as she would like so being the good Grandpa my book searching has now focused on the grand kid. Those books that she can read now or perhaps those books that would be good in the future.


There is a sense of tangibility to holding a book as well as a sense of wonder and history of who has held this book before. One of my "prize" books is the Adventures of Tom Sawyer that I discovered in my grandparents attic. There is that feeling that my grandfather and perhaps my great uncles also held the spine of this book and were transported to a different age or time or circumstance like I was. One of the hardest images of watching my beloved Indiana Jones The Last Crusade is when the Nazis are taking the books and throwing them on the bonfire.


As I write this, thousands of books are being unloaded into the fellowship hall. Books on a WIDE variety of topics. Books that are waiting for good homes. I can't wait to look, to see, to explore and to find those books that inspire.


On September 17th, I will get the honor to introduce parents and 3rd grade and older kids to experience the most widely published book of all time, The Bible! It is the foundational book that is so important to the understanding of our whole lives. I still have my 3rd grade Bible. To see that date of September 1969 that I wrote on the presentation page, still makes me smile.


Happy Reading,


Pastor Craig



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