Pastor Craig
November 2017


"The Fifth Thursday"


Sounds like a perfect title for a suspense spy thriller. It is in fact what is happening to us this month of November. We are all creatures of habit. This month I know that I am going to be messed up when there is still a whole week of November left after Thanksgiving Day. If that was not confusing enough, this is the first time in a very long time that the First Sunday of Advent is not held on the weekend of Thanksgiving. Can this somehow be a blessing???


For those of you who really know me and Suzanne, you know we make a practice of joining the crowds shopping on "Black Friday". Most of the time we have had to cut our day short, because of having (getting the privilege) to decorate the church on that same day, perhaps later in the afternoon because it had to be ready for that beginning of Advent which of course happens most of the time right after Thanksgiving. This year as mentioned is different. Decorating the church for Christmas is going to be happening on the Fifth Thursday, November 30th at about 11:00am.


What are we going to do with that "extra" time? In thinking about it, we can finally focus a whole four days on giving THANKS. Think of that possibility for a moment. Instead of one hectic day, filled with traditions, family, football, and food, (which happens anyway), when the people go home, we get a chance for the rest of the time to focus on Thanksgiving and not having to jump right in to Christmas.


This is an opportunity for us. It so rarely happens that I know it will seem unnatural to come to church that weekend following Thanksgiving and not see an Advent wreath, Christmas trees, or even a wreath hanging on a wall. We get a chance to continue that message of giving thanks what was started at the service on Thanksgiving Eve and bring it through the 3 worship services for the weekend.


We talk about that feeling of a thankful heart and of giving God our thanks and praise. This Thanksgiving, God and the calendar have given us a wonderful gift. An extended time to give thanks in a meaningful, non-hectic way.


It is my prayer that you take advantage and allow yourself that time to reflect on the blessings that God has given you. The blessings may be great. The blessings may be small. But the blessings are all signs of a God who knows who you are and cares about you and your needs.


Take heart, give thanks, rejoice, and praise the one who has given us the ultimate blessing of God's Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.


In His Name,


Pastor Craig

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